ACTBBL Canberra Cup Bloodbowl Tournament

This is the only Canberra based bloowbowl tournament outside of CanCon and will be unofficial ACT Bloodbowl Championships.


When - 2nd August
Where - Kambah Community Centre
Cost - $30 (bbq lunch included)

****Will be NAF approved****

Canberra Cup Coaches Pack

Payment should be made to the following account:
BSB 633 000
ACN 139 456 503
Name P Evans

Please use your real name as the reference details and send a PM through Ausbowl or email to to confirm your payment.


- 4 games, swiss style resurrection tournament
- 1,500,000 team value.
- Latest GW rules set will be used (Competitive rules or whatever its called now)
- Two players can have a double skill increase*
- Each player can have a normal skill increase*
- No player can have more than one skill increase
- No special play cards are to be used but star players etc are ok
- No stat increases
- Chaos Pact teams can play for NAF rankings, but are not eligible for the 1st place position or trophy. 

* Skill increases add to that players value as per normal rules and no player can have more than one increase so either one double skill or one skill increase.

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