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Origins 3, round 1
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You don't know

gate: 27 000
0 TD score 2
cas score
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Shady Grays

TD Scorers
Alan Alanestri
Jacob Smith
Foulers (no cas)
Nyrktul Gladroom
Nyrktul Gladroom
Dave Nakayama dead
Badly Hurt'ers
fans / random event

profile Thariper
Serious Injurers
George Xaludias
James Darnum
fans / random event

Sammy Ell
Completions By
Alan Alanestri
Interceptions By

MVP awards to
James Darnum
  Sustained Injuries  

victim regenerated
Miss Next Game

Niggling Injury
Michael Dinder

-1 MA

Sunpolak dead
Dave Nakayama dead
Result added May 11th, 2019

Match notes
Shady Grays recieved for the first kick, spending the entire first half in a slow grinding drive up the field to score at the end. With George Xaludias smashing Sprat's hip in a massive punch, and later James Darnum breaking Sprat's patella in a similar hit, the driving command by the team's cheer squad of "Go break legs" was obviously being taken more literally.
Later, the crowd would try to get involved by breaking another player's leg, but Nurgle shined on this hapless warrior and they regenerated that damage.

Many fouls being perpetrated by rookie Nyrktul Gladroom in the first half inspired second rookie Dave Nakayama to have a go at this fun game of stomping players into the turf, to protests by the opposition team as many You don't know players were leaving the field unconscious during the slow drive to score in the dying moments of the half.

With depleted numbers, and an angry coach's speech ringing in his ears to start the second half, Horner decided to act. With a massive strike, Horner tore Dave Nakayama open, removing several lengths on various innards all over the pitch as he gleefully remove and played with Dave Nakayama's warm beating heart. Rumours that Dave Nakayama found solace in the arms of Nurgle as a result of this ritual are as yet unconfirmed.

Not to be outdone, the chosen of Nurgle, Thariper quickly dispatched another rookie player, though not fatally, just with tentacle-crushed ribs that will be plaguing (pun intended) Michael Dinder for many games yet to come.

With their confidence building, the You don't know formed up a driving cordon ands tried to begin their own slow drive up the field, on the far flank of Shady Grays. Thanks to their superior manoeuvrability and outstanding blitzers, Shady Grays was able to box in and negate these advantages, throwing another player into the crowd to be removed from the game, as then Sammy Ell then celebrated still further by removing Sunpolak's head and throwing it into the crowd for more sport.

The crowd, of course, loved it, and that Jacob Smith was running off with the ball, escaping the tentacles of Thariper several times to again score towards the end of the half.

Shady Grays picked up quite a following despite poor numbers of fans making it to the Nurgle-infested stadium. They expect more fans to be available over the next few games...

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