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Origins 3, round 3
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Goliaths Gladiators

gate: 17 000
1 TD score 1
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Dallas DwarvBoys


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Mike Ditka
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Niggling Injury
-1 AG
Result added May 7th, 2019

Match notes
This was a game of Karma. Starting the game with SIX Hobgoblins (thanks Ant!!), in the first half, the DwarvBoys managed FIVE double skulls... three in the first four turns; unreal. The Gladiators managed a cruisy TD in the first half and the DwarvBoys couldn't respond by turn 8. Then the DwarvBoys Mino (Mike Ditka) managed to fail turns 9+10 Blitz rolls (roooooaaaaarrrrrr), but that's when Nuffle stepped in. Pinned against the sideline with only four players, but a dwarf holding the ball (thx to a touchback); surrounded by six Gladiators and with everyone else tied up, the DwarvBoys pulled out a miracle: a number of critical one-die blocks laid the Gladiators out on the pitch and with a couple of 3+ dodges, the hobgoblins were able to create a flimsy screen to protect the ball carrier as he trundled towards the end zone....agonizingly slowly, but steady enough. Miracle TD ties up the game. Thx Simon.

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