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Jan. 11th, 2010
Closer than it looks
The Vipers got a bit worried early on in this match when a Gutter Runner pass was fumbled in back field, a snotling got through the LOS to make an attempt at the ball and skaven players started falling left and right. Luckily for them the snotlings had not improved their ball handling skills much and the littl'un who ran through the LOS failed on 3 occasions to pick up the ball in the Vipers backfield. Eventually, despite getting down to only 6 skaven on the field, the Vipers got the ball and ran a GR downfield out of range of any sprinting player. A snotling was sent flying for a desperate negative 2D blitz but he scattered three times in the opposite direction and was KO'd when he hit the ground, leaving the Vipers to get 1-0 on T6. This throw was taken as an example of correct behaviour by the rest of the team and for the rest of the match, every snotling landed further away from their target and not a single one got to his feet after being thrown.

A pitch invasion on the kick destroyed the Lochers plans with all the front line snotlings stunned. Bomber Dribblesnot who was positioned to try and take out 3 of the ratmen with a single bomb was also thumped by the crowd, leaving him no action for the game except turning over before being sent off. The Lochers got the ball anyway and had to hope for a good scatter for a chance at the TD but, against the coaches previous intentions to focus on the score, an Ogre in the widezone hit a skaven linerat and followed him to the ground for the end of the half.

The second half saw the start of the serious Bonehead failures, and with snotling numbers down the Guard linerat came into his own with 2D blocks on Ogres coming thick and fast and the Ogres falling over again and again. At one point all 4 of the Lochers big guys were prone and two of them failed to even stand up, leaving a 4 snotling cage as the only defence on the ball. After the ball carrier left the field the Lochers didn't give up, a snotling regained the ball but failed the dodge to get to an Ogre teammate for a downfield throw. That was basically the end, a Gutter Runner picked up the ball, ran down for a short pass to the ST4 Storm Vermin who ran downfield to end up a few paces from the EZ. Another lobbed snotling scattered away from the target and was KO'd but an Ogre dodged into 3 TZ and out again to get the TZ on the ballcarrier and a titch made 4 dodges to cover the other side. It wasn't enough as the Storm Vermin blitzed the snotling to the ground, followed him away from the Ogre and trotted over the line in the dying seconds to give them their 2nd TD.

Chronic Bonehead failure came constantly at critical times, whenever a gap needed to be closed or a defender blitzed away the Lochers Ogres started to contemplate the universe. It was only the inability of the Vipers to beat Ogre armour that stopped this game being a complete whitewash. After failing ball skills in game 2, the snotlings failed foot skills in game 3 with dodges & landings going awry. Final result TD 0-2 Cas 4-2.

With the purchase of a 5th Ogre, the Black Moutain Lochers are hoping to do a little better against a their next opponent. Slightly slower than Skaven, still AV7 but with no reserves, Cam's Elves will face the full fury of the Lochers response to their first loss. Pointy-Ears beware!
- Carbrawn
Dec. 29th, 2009
No Hands Snotlings
The first 5 turns of the first half ended with failed ball pickups on a 1, one of those turns was actually 3 1's as the ball bounced from snotling to snotling. After moving downfield, Da Gob Mashas players grabbed it first time every time only to get smacked to the ground by an Ogre on each occasion for showing off. The one achievement for the Lochers was an all snotling chain push & blitz to get Brubbog off the field and back to the reserves bin. Eventually Beinn a' Mheadhoin picked it up and handed to Cluanie who was hurled downfield but failed to land and despite not being injured, dropped the ball. With no orcs close enough to reach the half ended 0-0.

In the second half another snotling Aboyne was launched downfield expecting to put a TZ on the ball but scattered far enough forward to get a 1 turn TD against the kick.
Thats when Da Gob Mashas got rough, snotlings started leaving the field with 2 casualties and a KO and numerous stunnings reduced active players to half a dozen or less. The ball spent a lot of time on the ground in mutliple TZs until a bounce put it into the hands of Glen Esk. His little buddies once again pulled off a snotling blitz pushing Snikstuf off the field (into the gentle hands of the mostly orc crowd) and Glen to start a 2 turn run downfield with 2 GFIs on T16 for an end of game TD.

A very unexpected result, especially as the Lochers only beating armour 3 times for one stun in the 1st half and a KO & Cas on T15. Final result was TD 3-0 Cas 1-2 with all 3 casualties out for the next match and an AV loss for a snotling.
- Carbrawn
Nov. 18th, 2009
And no one was there to see it
Only 2000 Lochers fans turned up for the start of their season.

The Lochers received for the first half when a pitch invasion left 2 Snotlings, an Ogre, a Black Orc and a Lineorc stunned. Glen Affric, who was facing the now prone Black Orc, decided to blitz an unmarked Lineorc and caused the first casualty of the match on the first turn. A few turns later Glen Affric caught a bouncing ball when a snotling team mate was injured and spend the next few turns trundling downfield to score on turn 7. The effort was too much for him and he collapsed from the heat along with Glen Derry.
Facing only two Ogres and with the ball on the LOS, the Stranglers got 3 players through the defence to try for a 2 turn TD but the ball carrier failed his dodge and Badfang the Blitzer was put down and stunned by Glen Affric. Disappointed that the TD was out of reach, Dak decided to go for a completion anyway, picking up the ball in a TZ and passing to a nearby team-mate.

The sweltering heat of the first half was harsh on the Stranglers as 3 of their players collapsed at the siren to only a single snotling from the Lochers. With 3 other orcs in the injury bin and a Black Orc failing to recover from KO for the second time, they were left with only 6 to set up for the second half, facing 5 snotlings and 4 Ogres. A valiant effort to cage got them over the LOS before it turned into a mob of mingled Orcs & Ogres wth a ball bouncing around the middle. Eventually the Orc numbers were reduced to 3 and the ball came out near a snotling who picked it up and fled downfield. Unfortunately for him, two of his Ogre team mates failed Bonehead, leaving the single remaining Stranglers Blitzer to escape the pack, put him down and KO him before picking up the ball. With nowhere to go he didn't have it long when Affric blitzed him and the ball ended up in the open, allowing Beinn a'Mheadoin to pick it up. The Stranglers didn't give up, in a last ditch effort a Black Orc tried two dodges to blitz the ball carrier, he failed the 2nd and the Lochers captain was out of reach and away for a 3 turn running TD.

An unexpected 2-0 win to the Lochers with Cas 4-1.
- Carbrawn
Oct. 31st, 2009
Ogres Ahoy
It appears that the fame of the Southern Valley Shield has finally reached the Mountains of Mourn. Having never had an Ogre team participating, no less than FOUR have turned up for the season, the Black Mountain Lochers are just one of these four but brag that they will do better than the others thanks to the leadership of their captain Beinn a' Mheadhoin (their chiefs favourite Gnoblar, more commonly known as a snotling).
- Carbrawn
Black Mountain Lochers
Race:  Ogre
Coach:  Carbrawn

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