Angry Agnarr

Angry Agnarr
Snow Troll,
Odinn's Champions team retired

   Draft List number: 1  

Value: 220,000 gp

Interceptions: 1
Deflections: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 1
Casualties: 17  (2 were kills!)
MVP awards: 3
Unspent SPP: 9 (51)
Fouls: 0





5 5 5+ - 9+ Claws, Disturbing Presence, Frenzy, Loner (4+), Unchannelled Fury, Mighty Blow, Guard, Stand Firm, Block

Sustained Injuries: none


-- Odinn's Champions has retired team retired --.

Agnarr was captured when he raided a small Viking village in the middle of winter. Unfortunately for Angnarr, the great hall contained warriors from three ships who subsequently captured him. They kept him alive for sport, but soon realised he was taking a great interest in the Vikings' springtime training sessions. They led him onto the pitch to give it a try and the rest is history.

Agnarr is famed throughout the Northern lands for once killing an opposing lineman while playing with one arm chained behind his back. He was also acclaimed for killing Ogre player Glen Brittle (of the Black Mountain Lochers) during his second season.

Agnarr is uninterested in the gold and fame that comes with being a player, but enjoys the violence and bloody, fresh meat after each game.

Origins Season 3 Winner
Origins Season 2
Origins Season 1

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