Beast of Nurgle,
You don't know

   Roster number: 1  

Value: 230,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 0
Casualties: 19  (3 were kills!)
MVP awards: 6
Star Player Points: 68
Top Hitter: Origins
Top Killer: Origins


MA ST AG AV Skills
4 5 1 9 Loner, Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Mighty Blow, Nurgle’s Rot, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Tentacles, Guard, Block, Break Tackle, Stand Firm

Sustained Injuries: none

Plays for You don't know with number 1.

Ya stell'bsna sgn'wahl

(Surprisingly reliable, Thariper picked up 13 casualties in his first 11 games before he finally gained SPP for something else, picking up the MVP and earning his 3rd skill)

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Origins Season 2
Origins Season 1 Winner

Latest matches:
Origins 3, round 9
  2    Shady Grays
  1    Goliaths Gladiators
Origins 3, round 9
  2    Elfblacks
  3    Wildcats
Origins 3, round 11
  1    Dallas DwarvBoys
  0    Mummies Boys
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