Goblin Squisher

Goblin Squisher
FUBAR Fellows team retired

   Roster number: 16  

Value: 260,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 0
Casualties: 24  (4 were kills!)
MVP awards: 5
Star Player Points: 73
MA ST AG AV Skills
4 6 1 10 Loner, Break Tackle, Dirty Player, Juggernaut, Mighty Blow, No Hands, Secret Weapon, Stand Firm, Block, Tackle, Multiple Block, Grab

Sustained Injuries: -ST


-- FUBAR Fellows has retired team retired --.
Block, block, block, block.
Beautiful Block
Wonderful block.

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Dungeon Bowl 4 Winner
Assassins Cowl 4 Winner
Southern Valley Shield 4 Winner

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