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  Team trophy    Winner Race
& coach
  Minor League Winner   Hammer of Hashut  Chaos Dwarf
Big Pete
  Most Casualties   Hammer of Hashut  Chaos Dwarf
Big Pete
  Most Fatalities   Hammer of Hashut  Chaos Dwarf
Big Pete
  Fair play award   Phullagore Ravens  Ogre
Ben P
  Most TDīs   The Savage Rose  Wood Elf
  Highest Player Loss   All French Company  Human
  Player prize    Winner Type
& team
  Top Scorer     The Phloem retired Wood Elf Catcher
The Savage Rose
  Top Thrower     The Stigma Bounty (20000 gp) Wood Elf Thrower
The Savage Rose
  Top Hitter     Balak Fastfist dead Dwarf Blitzer
FUBAR Fellows

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Origins Season 2
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