All French Company

Race:  Human
Coach:  Michel

All French Company team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 9th, 2013 - old news
Break for the All French Company !
"We'll not enroll for the Major next season ! In fact the team is going to have a break. 3 key players killed during the last match is too much. All the team is going to enter a group therapy in order to be able to go through this trauma. We might be in the open next season just to keep in touch !" MMM, coach in mourning.
- Michel
June 30th, 2012 - old news
There was nothing we could do !
Nuffle was going for the Norse this afternoon. We tried evrything: "Rock N'Roll actions, long passes..." but nothing could stop the dauntless Norses. They won because they dared ! Congratulations to them.
Let's turn towards the Play-Offs now.
- Michel
Feb. 18th, 2012 - old news
Full of everything !
The AFC had deployed 2 journey men after their hard match versus the Dwarves.
AFC wins the toss and decide to receive. Human teams are supposed to adapt to every other teams, so the coach had decided to score as fast as possible in order to challenge the High elves on their ground.
On T2, after a very classical manoeuver #6 Max throws the ball to #4 Blitzer Richard MANGETAGLACE standing at 7 squares from the TD line, who scores.
High Elves are rolling 1 and skulls. On their turn 7, #13 Idhrengolion throws an acurate pass to a team mate who misses the catch. #6 Max exploits the opportunity, pick-up, hands-off to #8 Eric LATEIGNE who runs and throws accurately to #1 Blitzer Arnold who scores the second TD.
At the beginning of the second half, the High Elves have a great reaction and score after a beautiful, typical elven action, (Dodge, Dodge, pass, GFI).
Nevertheless, the bad rolls could not allow them to come back :3 Double skulls, among them 2 in a row and many failed AGI rolls opened the way to a big victory for the All French Company.
But the match was full: 5 TDs, 9 Passes, 2 CAS. The 19000 fans were happy and just broke part of the stadium.
- Michel
Feb. 9th, 2012 - old news
Against the odds !
"..." The last post is ringing after one minute of silence ! The ashes of Pascal Puncher, Lineman n9 disseminate in the wind, so far from home...

"We did everything we could, but it was not enough ! With more than half of the team out (the first of them was M'Grarsh Vendredi, the Big Guy, KOed on turn 4 and only 4 players finished the game on the field), it was too easy for the bloody Dwarves to control the field, although they could only score on turn 8 of the second half" The coach declared.
"I had to stop the boys because they wanted to kill our Apo who could not save Puncher, but two players missing for the next game is enough !" He added.

"The start is hard but we'll stand up and fight : the harder the battles the greater the victory ! I'll add that the AFC threw all the "1" and the "skulls" of the season. We have none left !" he concluded.
- Michel
Tournaments played:
SVS 3 (Rookies), Empire Records2
Trophies won:
Highest Player Loss: Empire Records2


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