Barak Varr Dreadnaughts

Race:  Dwarf
Coach:  Big Pete
The Barak Varr dreadnaughts hail from the small stronghold and strategic trading centre located in the Border Princes where merchants from many lands gather knowing they can expect the Dwarven legendary hospitality. The Dwarves of Barak Varr enjoy a relatively cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Formed from the best talent from the local minor leagues (later opened up to other Dwarves) and named after the mighty ironclad warships, the Barak Varr Dreadnaughts venture forth to showcase Dwarven expertise on the astrogranite.

Barak Varr Dreadnaughts team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 3rd, 2014 - old news
Chaos Cup Champions!
After a hard fought season, the mighty Barak Varr Dreadnaughts have won the Chaos Cup, defeating a valiant Crimson Breweries team in the Grand Final 3-0.

The Dreadnaughts established their physical dominance early. The Breweries coach hired a wizard and dug into his bag of tricks for maximum mayhem, but to little effect.

A well coordinated team effort saw the Dreadnaughts dominate the game and steam to victory in perhaps their best performance to date. The Blitzer Thrain was the star with a TD, a pair of casualties and the well earned MVP. The Crimson Breweries fought to the end, but a steady procession of injuries saw them end the game with three Dwarfs on the pitch.

With Thrain, Kili and Gloin feeling the lingering effects of exposure to darker powers, the team celebrate their first major league trophy, raising mugs of potent ale as they proudly chant the team anthem and hold the Chaos Cup aloft.
- Big Pete
Tournaments played:
SVS 3 (Rookies), Empire Records2, Orkleys Cup 3, Chaos Cup 3, Blood Bowl 3, Orkleys Cup 4, Dungeon Bowl 4
Trophies won:
Major League Winner: Chaos Cup 3
Minor League Winner: Orkleys Cup 4
Rookie League Winner: SVS 3 (Rookies)
Most Casualties: Dungeon Bowl 4
Most TDīs: Chaos Cup 3
Highest Player Loss: Orkleys Cup 4







Barak Varr Dreadnaughts are the only team to have won a trophy in all three divisions (Southern Valley Shield 3, Orkleys Cup 4, Chaos Cup 3)

Origins Season 3 Winner
Origins Season 2
Origins Season 1

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