Belleville Punching Club

Race:  Skaven
Coach:  Michel
Our cousins from Paris told us that there is Blood Bowl over there! We came to check that.
We are not the strongest ! We are not the most resistant ! But we are the most tenacious and above all we are evil ! Hirk, Hirk, Hirk...By the way our Rat-Ogre is still in quarantaine but is coming soon !

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Bulletin board from the coach
June 24th, 2014 - old news
We Will Never Surrender !
That's how the Belleville Punching Club coach answered the Cabal Vision doubt on his ability to perform in the Majors with a so destroyed team. "We will fight on field, we will fight on the TD line, we will fight in the public...We are to leave Down Under soon and we'll have a last run: we will fight till the last Rat !".
- Michel
June 21st, 2014 - old news
Will they resign ?
Having suffered 35 casualties among which 6 fatalities in 5 matchs in the Majors (it means an average of 7 casualties a game...) some rumors pretend that the Belleville Punching Club is going to resign from the Majors. Wrong or right, one must admit that it is hard to play at the highest level with nobody on the bench and no money to buy new players.
New declarations from the coach are expected next week...
- Michel
Feb. 1st, 2014 - old news
Against the odds again
The season is over and once again the team fails on the doorstep of success. This season has been particularly harsh as the team suffered 44 casualties with 9 killed players in 11 matches !!!!
Nevertheless, we are ready to compete in the Royal division: we'll play in the crasy insane Majors next year with the best of the best !
- Michel
Jan. 14th, 2014 - old news
An epic and never ending story
BPC and the Paratrooopers had already met 2 times: 1-0-1. Last year the frogs won the open grand final. This one was a very expected match for two very close teams.
34000 fans, 17000 frogs and 17000 rats attended the game.
First half. The frogs receive the kick-off and very rapidly they start filling the injured and KOs bench with rats.

First round, as Kong Lemielleux was dreaming on the border line, Torch also known as the fool or the psychpath, blitzed him in the crowd : Ko. Next round, : payback ! As Torch is himself now standing on the line, Zorg L'Equarrisseur gets furious and sends him to the crowd. The fans in this part of the oval, get mad but leave Torch safe. That was just a start.

The game itself was full of Rock N' Roll actions. Whether because of the agile GRs or the leaping frogs, the ball was gained and lost several times and travelled from one end to another. But at the last moment each team failed to complete the TD.
Strange, how easy actions (GFIs with RR, 2+ leaps, 2+ dodge for instance) would be failed and spectacular ones (5+ dodge, 4+ and 6+ catch, etc) would succeed. All this put together made a 0-0 at the end of the first half. To be continued
- Michel
Tournaments played:
Grimwaagh Open3, Orkleys Cup 3, Chaos Cup 3
Trophies won:
Fair play award: Chaos Cup 3
Highest Player Loss: Chaos Cup 3



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