Black Mountain Lochers

Race:  Ogre
Coach:  Carbrawn

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Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 1st, 2012 - old news
A Win?
With more than double their opponents fans in the stands, the Lochers were inspired and started the game well. Glen Derry caught the ball on the LOS and spend the entire half trundling down field while his Ogre team-mates bashed everything in sight. River Stir players left the field with 3 Cas and 2 KO by the time the Ogre crossed for a T8 TD. Unfortunately the snotlings didn’t fare very will and there were none left by T6 with all 5 snotlings casualtied.
The River Stir Slayers received the kick in the 2nd half and thought Paul Errin was safely protected with the ball in easy walk in TD range. A Break Tackle blitz by Glen Derry put Paul Errin on the ground and the ball into the hands of Rannoch the snolting who waited for a lob downfield. The Lob never came as Chuck Schitt casualtied the tiny stunty and caught the bounce (against his will). Unable to get away or offload, Chuck winced as Glen Brittle blitzed him but only caused a stumble that the thrower easily recovered from. While everyone was distracted by the temporary death of Glen Affric after a vicious Shrek hit, Chuck passed over Brittles head to Paul Errin for a T3 TD to level the scores.
5 Ogres and 2 snotlings remaining against 9 Slayers, luckily the Slayers ‘Blitz’ kickoff resulted in a the failure of the first dice roll to put a marker on the ball. Then their numbers advantage was lost when a Multiple Block on the LOS saw a Blitzer and Lineman both KO’d and a large gap opened in the defence. Venachar grabbed the ball and moved slowly downfield with some Ogre protection while his colleague Neldricken was pummelled off the field. With time was running out he decided on T7 to make his 2 GFI’s to get into TD range and ensure that only a GFI blitz by the Slayers Catcher could reach him, unfortunately the 2nd GFI failed and wasn’t even awake to see what happened next. Paul Errin ran around the Ogres to try for a Long Pass to Lance Boyles who could dodge away for a TD, then probability went out the window. With no rerolls in hand Glen Esk intercepted the ball and after his blodge/sidestepping marker was pushed away by a Blitz & Grab by Glen Clavie, he ran off to make an accurate Quick Pass to Glen Derry who took the catch and 2 GFI’s for the winning TD. The only turn in the game where an Ogre didn’t fail a Bone-Head roll gave the Lochers the unlikely win.

There were only 11 players on the field when the game ended, 5 humans and 6 Ogres including Shrek from the Rivers Stir Slayers.
Final Result TD 2-1 Cas 5-6
- Carbrawn
Mar. 4th, 2010 - old news
stunty v stunty
The crowd turned ugly when they discovered the free tickets were to a game primarily composed of stunties and the invaded the pitch on the first kick. They stunned two Ogre and two snotlings on the Lochers team but despite lower numbers of Lochers supporters the Pranksters Troll, a Storm Vermin, a Linerat and a Goblin were put down on the LOS and Gabeler who had used Kick-off return to get under the ball couldn't catch it due to being face down in the mud. The Pranksters coach was also stunned and sat there staring at the remains of his game plan. Eventually he withdrew from the LOS and picked up the ball with his backup thrower (who retreated downfield) and ran Grundle down to wait for a pass. Seconds later Grundle was carried off the field after being BH by Glen Calvie and snotlings started swarming towards the ball carrier. Over the next few turns snotlings were pushed and knocked down to no effect while every Prankster who crossed the LOS was carried off field except for Danvil who was escorted off after being seen kicking a prone ogre in the face. Things were going great for the Lochers and the Ogres started dreaming of another win, unfortunately they started dreaming while on the pitch and when the ball was finally thrown downfield, four of them stood there smiling at the glory to come while the remaining opponents ran past. A failed pickup by a snotling left the Pranksters a chance, they blitzed and also failed to pickup leaving 2 Ogres and 2 snotlings protecting the ball from a Skaven and Goblin. Once again the Ogres dreaminly ignored the opportunity to thump the squishy ones so the snotlings could only put TZs on the ball and hope, unfortunately one of them failed the dodge. A blitz from a Storm Vermin sent the last snotling onto the ball which went sideways, leaving Anthon-Knee to pick it up and GFI for the TD.
Bomber came on for T8 and the Lochers set up for a 1T TD. The kick-off left the ball in a position to give them a chance but the attempt to clear TZs off the Ogre hurler resulted in a bonehead and then a both down and for the second time Bomber Dribblesnot got paid without even lighting a bomb.

Neither of the KO'd skaven returned to the pitch and with 5 players already in the injured/sin bin, the Pranksters had only 7 players to set up. This was hardly impacted over the next 8 turns as a rolling Ogre cage moved downfield (slowed by the occasional bonehead). Goblins dodged into the cage several times but invariablly failed a last dodge for the blitz until eventually with only a Troll, a linerat and 3 goblins left they put the ball carrier down only a few paces from the EZ. The Lochers thumped the remaining opponents again and crossed the line for the equaliser leaving the decimated underworld team two turns to get the win.
A Blizzard came out of nowhere as the players lined up on the pitch. Oligasius still managed to get to the ball and took two careful GFIs to hand off to a goblin waiting to be hurled downfield but the receivers hands were numb and the ball was dropped. The Lochers stormed in, Blitzed the goblin away from the Troll and put 2 Ogres and 2 snotling TZs on the ball. With no goblins to throw and the ball on the ground the Troll lashed out at a nearby Ogre and they both fell to the ground.
Glen Calvie was everywhere in this match and caused 5 Casualties on his own, his Block skill was only used on two occassions, surviving a Storm Vermin hit and putting down a goblin. After brilliant player performances prevented the Pranksters from scoring for the majority of the first half, four boneheads on turn 6 followed by four consecutive 1s on turn 7 (2 bonehead and a rerolled dodge) left only a single snotling able to protect the ball. He tried his best.

Final Result TD 1-1 Cas 6-2 (in favour of the Lochers)
- Carbrawn
Feb. 18th, 2010 - old news
3 rerolled Boneheads failed
The first half saw snotlings leave the field in droves while the Lochers Ogres blitzing and marking kept delaying the TD until finally a pass to Tyson in an Ogre TZ and 2 dodges gave the Astros a T8 TD. With only 1 Turn to score, the Lochers set up carefully, got the ball and handed off to a snotling who was lobbed downfield for a perfect landing. Unfortunately he scattered too far back and was 1 square short from the equalizer.

The second half was a turnaround with Astros starting to leave the pitch every turn. With incredible courage the remaining players continued to dodge into the Ogre cage to blitz the ball carrier (and get hit themsleves) until with only 4 Astros and 2 snotlings left, the ball bounced onto Glen Esk who caught it and set off downfield for a skill giving TD. On turn 15 the Lochers only needed to block Bohr for a push away from Esk and he could have run down field with only a ST2 catcher in range for a blitz. The Block was a bonehead which was rerolled to another 1. Esk was trapped and then hit the turf when Bohr thumped him, leaving Tyson to grab the ball and with 2 GFIs got within reach of a 2nd TD. Only a Blitz by Glen Affric could stop it and give the Lochers a (very unlikely) chance at the score, another Bonehead result and the coach groaned. A desperate snotling throw put the titchy missile next to the Catcher instead of through his chest and he could do nothing but watch as his opponent dodged away for the score.

With both Dochfour (the only skilled snotling) and Beinn a' Mheadhoin killed, the Lochers will have to chose a new captain.

Final Result TD 0-2 Cas 2-4
- Carbrawn
Jan. 11th, 2010 - old news
Closer than it looks
The Vipers got a bit worried early on in this match when a Gutter Runner pass was fumbled in back field, a snotling got through the LOS to make an attempt at the ball and skaven players started falling left and right. Luckily for them the snotlings had not improved their ball handling skills much and the littl'un who ran through the LOS failed on 3 occasions to pick up the ball in the Vipers backfield. Eventually, despite getting down to only 6 skaven on the field, the Vipers got the ball and ran a GR downfield out of range of any sprinting player. A snotling was sent flying for a desperate negative 2D blitz but he scattered three times in the opposite direction and was KO'd when he hit the ground, leaving the Vipers to get 1-0 on T6. This throw was taken as an example of correct behaviour by the rest of the team and for the rest of the match, every snotling landed further away from their target and not a single one got to his feet after being thrown.

A pitch invasion on the kick destroyed the Lochers plans with all the front line snotlings stunned. Bomber Dribblesnot who was positioned to try and take out 3 of the ratmen with a single bomb was also thumped by the crowd, leaving him no action for the game except turning over before being sent off. The Lochers got the ball anyway and had to hope for a good scatter for a chance at the TD but, against the coaches previous intentions to focus on the score, an Ogre in the widezone hit a skaven linerat and followed him to the ground for the end of the half.

The second half saw the start of the serious Bonehead failures, and with snotling numbers down the Guard linerat came into his own with 2D blocks on Ogres coming thick and fast and the Ogres falling over again and again. At one point all 4 of the Lochers big guys were prone and two of them failed to even stand up, leaving a 4 snotling cage as the only defence on the ball. After the ball carrier left the field the Lochers didn't give up, a snotling regained the ball but failed the dodge to get to an Ogre teammate for a downfield throw. That was basically the end, a Gutter Runner picked up the ball, ran down for a short pass to the ST4 Storm Vermin who ran downfield to end up a few paces from the EZ. Another lobbed snotling scattered away from the target and was KO'd but an Ogre dodged into 3 TZ and out again to get the TZ on the ballcarrier and a titch made 4 dodges to cover the other side. It wasn't enough as the Storm Vermin blitzed the snotling to the ground, followed him away from the Ogre and trotted over the line in the dying seconds to give them their 2nd TD.

Chronic Bonehead failure came constantly at critical times, whenever a gap needed to be closed or a defender blitzed away the Lochers Ogres started to contemplate the universe. It was only the inability of the Vipers to beat Ogre armour that stopped this game being a complete whitewash. After failing ball skills in game 2, the snotlings failed foot skills in game 3 with dodges & landings going awry. Final result TD 0-2 Cas 4-2.

With the purchase of a 5th Ogre, the Black Moutain Lochers are hoping to do a little better against a their next opponent. Slightly slower than Skaven, still AV7 but with no reserves, Cam's Elves will face the full fury of the Lochers response to their first loss. Pointy-Ears beware!
- Carbrawn
Tournaments played:
Spike Trophy II, Empire Records, Grimwaagh Open3, Empire Records2, Grimwaagh IV
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