FUBAR Fellows

Race:  Dwarf
Coach:  Simon M

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Bulletin board from the coach
June 16th, 2012 - old news
3 from 3. The FUBAR Fellows make the GF
After a dismal start to the season the FUBAR Fellows saw themselves barely scraping into the finals of group Sunwise.

Finals Game 1.
With a tough group of hard hitting teams the FUBAR Fellows were unlikely to escape injury while managing to run in the winning TD.

The first game against the Crimson Breweries saw the FUBAR Fellows in big trouble. The Crimson scored few early injures at the price of a TD. It turned out to be the winning TD. With 5 players in the injured box (a runner out for the next match) and time ticking down for the equalizing TD the FUBAR coach realized if he could hold them off with 7 Dwarves against 11 They would play another game before the season ended. As luck had it the FUBARs got a single dice blitz on the breweries ball carrier and suddenly they were thought the line with the ball in their Blitzers hands looking for another TD. The Crimson Breweries fought back and flattened the ball carrier but the damage had been done and the Breweries went down score less but won the Bash fest 5-1.

Finals Game 2.
FUBAR Fellows vs Hammer of Hashut.
The FUBAR Fellows started down 1 runner down and looked like they were going to be in trouble with their ball handling capabilities reduced by a 1/4 before the game had even started.
The Fellows came out hard and fast scoring a few early kills and a few KO's allowing them to stall in the backfield for a turn 7 TD.
The second 1/2 started with the FUBAR fielding 11 players against a reduced Chaos Dwarf side. Another 2 kills from the FUBAR Fellows was answered by Morghur sending Puffer the Nutcase to the morgue. Puffer was intercepted by the FUBAR apothecary and brought back to life but will suffer from the killing blow for the rest of his days.
Between the injures and KO's the FUBAR Fellows had the game wrapped up Before time was called. T
he final result was 2-0 and 5-1 cas. 5 kills for the game just short of the record when the FUBAR Fellows recorded 2 kills on their cas sheet but received 4 in return.

Semi Final
FUBAR Fellows VS Paris Catacombs Runners.
The last game between these 2 sides saw the PCR win 1-0 and kill both of the FUBAR Runners and SI a blocker.
The FUBAR Fellows were out for revenge and stated to the PCR coach before the match "320k inducement will hurt me but my MB [mighty Blows] will hurt you". No truer word had been spoken.
The game started with Seket taking the field for the PCR and the Dwarves receiving. The kick was short and Brunor Fastfoot almost fumbled the ball but managed to trip over his own feet trying to get away from the sideline and behind the cover of his team mates. A brawl for the ball ensued with the PCR coming up trumps and getting the ball clear of the melee but it cost them 4 players cased and a few KOed.
- Simon M
Jan. 9th, 2012 - old news
The stone headed FUBAR Fellows have decided to play in the minors for the next reason. After a thrashing from the Infernal Comedy in their frist game killing 4 skilled Dwarves and then in their second game Niggleing another 3 dwarves the FUBAR Fellows have realised they need some time to lick their wounds and train some more players in the softer and less deadly Minor League.

"We will train some more Dwarves and be back in the Majors next season to take out the Dungeon Bowl Cup" the head coach has said to the press.

The team was less than happy about the relegation but the Barrels of Beer they had consumed before the news was broken to them stemmed the mutany that would have happened. After all it's easier to keep out of reach of a team that can't walk anymore.
- Simon M
May 18th, 2010 - old news
Final time
After a solid win against the streakers the FUBAR Fellows have started their charge for the finals.

With only a few games to go it looks unlikely that the Fubars will be knocked off top place or be out of the finals.

There is still a battle for second place.
- Simon M
Feb. 14th, 2010 - old news
Third time is the charm
After a rough start to the season the FUBAR Fellows are gearing up to make the finals.

After holding The Streakers, Rookie Champions, to another draw and loosing to a depleted Eastern EurElf Gym Team the FUBAR Fellows have a few wins and are now in 1st place.

With one game in hand The Streakers must win to knock the FUBAR Fellows out of 1st place.

In round 6 The Streakrs will face off against the FUBAR Fellows in their 3 game to decide who is the best and who deserves to be on top of the Group Cowl West group.
- Simon M
Tournaments played:
Bloodbowl I, Spike Trophy II, Dungeon Bowl II, Chaos Cup II, Assassins Cowl2, Empire Records2
Trophies won:
Minor League Winner: Assassins Cowl2
Most Casualties: Assassins Cowl2
Most Fatalities: Spike Trophy II, Assassins Cowl2




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