Hellarious Pranksters

Race:  Underworld
Coach:  Drakeular
Hellarious Pranksters players were dragged out of their holes to attend a last minute recruitment drive for this new team, players who survived were accepted and given a dirty shirt.

Hellarious Pranksters team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 3rd, 2010 - old news
Throw Team Mate Touch Down without ball.
In his last game against the Les Ricochets d'Aubergine, Smurfbelly throw Danvil downfield to blitz a Slann Catcher with the ball who though he was safe and out of reach. The resulting Block put the stunned Slann down and off the field KO'd, Danvil contined up to the dropped ball, scooped it up and ran in for a 1 turn TD when kicking off.
- Drakeular
Nov. 15th, 2009 - old news
Pranksters Win first game.
The Hellarious Pranksters win their first game by cheating and foul play. Star Player Fezglitch was hired for the game under dubious circumstances and caused Atlâioc Falcons some concerns. With enough money to buy new players and no injuries, the team is ready for it's next match.

Team Captain Galvin Spit was replaced by Alran Dribble who had a fantastic game. Coach Drakeular has sent a clear message to his team, great play will be rewarded.
- Drakeular
Tournaments played:
Spike Trophy II, Empire Records, Chaos Cup II, Assassins Cowl2
Trophies won:

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Origins Season 2
Origins Season 1 Winner

Latest matches:
Origins 3, round 8
  1    You don't know
  0    Goliaths Gladiators
Origins 3, round 7
  4    Wildcats
  4    Hicks
Origins 3, round 7
  2    You don't know
  0    Dallas DwarvBoys
Origins 3, round 9
  2    Hicks
  2    Dallas DwarvBoys

Drakeular Open, Round 1
  1    Green Bay PackyaU...
  2    Definitely Orcs

Origins 3, round 8
  0    Rookie BYE
  2    Elfblacks
Origins 3, round 7
  0    Yellow Jackets
  2    Mummies Boys
Origins 3, round 6
  3    Shady Grays
  0    Dallas DwarvBoys
Origins 3, round 7
  4    Goliaths Gladiators
  2    Elfblacks
Origins 3, round 7
  2    Green Fist of Gor...
  0    Rookie BYE
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