Chaos Theory

Race:  Chaos Pact
Coach:  Big Pete
The infamous Norse warlord Alberg Kellison has formed Chaos Theory, a new bloodbowl team featuring a diverse group of players brought together by their individual bonds to Darker Powers.

Entering the Grimwaagh Open3, this team faces a formidable challenge with several very experienced teams in the mix. With coach Kellison's plans of a brutal schedule, Chaos Theory's fate is in the hands of the (Chaos) gods

Chaos Theory team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 7th, 2013 - old news
Close semi final loss for Pact
The Chaos Pact team, Chaos Theory, have been eliminated from the open league, going down to a battle hardened Paratroopers team.

The Pact team came out hitting hard. In what was a very close game throughout, the Pact had the depleted Slann on the ropes for much of the match. Nuffle was at his fickle best for Chaos Theory, that's bloodbowl. The Slann earned a well deserved overtime win with their happy few able to score despite kicking the ball and receiving the attention of the full strength Pact team.

Although the Slann Blitzer's MVP was justified with a stellar man of the match performance, perhaps the MVP of the match should have gone to the pair of Bloodweiser Babes for their job in returning the steady stream of KO's back into the fray. A very astute hire by the Paratrooper's Coach indeed!

Coach Alberg Kellison is very happy with his team's first season. They performed well, inflicting 76 casualties on the season and developing a much improved capability to move the ball and score. There are still areas to improve such as defence, particularly against the slippery teams.

The Pact fans are justifiably excited for the upcoming season and see how their team fares in the structured leagues.

This is Hodi Dodison signing off for the year, see you next season.
- Big Pete
Mar. 15th, 2013 - old news
A season of four quarters
This is Hodi Dodison with a look back at the Chaos Theory’s inaugural season in the Grimwaagh Open as the team gets ready for the playoffs.

Coach Alberg Kellison seems gruffly content with his team’s progress over the season.
“We started the season very raw, had a few issues early with substandard players getting hurt and needed journeymen for the first half of the season. But after these early culls, our players are stronger, resulting in improved performances on the pitch of late, although we do need to win more of our games.”

Indeed the statistical analysis supports the coaches view:
First quarter: 0-0-4 (TD 2-10; CAS 11-11)
Second Quarter: 1-0-3 (TD 3-8; CAS 18-5)
Third Quarter: 1-0-3 (TD 6-10; CAS 15-5)
Fourth Quarter 1-1-2 (TD 8-8; CAS 21-8)

With five dead/retired players and a string of injuries on his roster, coach Kellison seems oblivious to toll the brutal schedule has placed on his team. Of the 27 casualties his team has suffered, there has been 1 permanent death and 11 stat reductions/niggles. When I mentioned all this to the coach, he simply shrugged his shoulders, "That's bloodbowl"
Their Ogre apothecary Narark Bigfist seems particularly inept, perhaps his motivational ability exceeds his medical skill.

The Pact fans are excited to see their team’s hard, physical style of play in the finals. But there are a lot of good teams and although the Pact have played most or all of the playoff teams, the results have been mixed at best. Chaos Theory face a tough challenge, and coach Kellison is only taking things one game at a time.
"Whoever we play, Chaos Theory is ready for a tough fight"

Ultimately their fate is in the hands of the Chaos Gods.
- Big Pete
Nov. 13th, 2012 - old news
Game 3 - Sylvania Starlets
Hodi Dodison again with today’s bulletin featuring today’s matchup between Chaos Theory and the Sylvanian Starlets.

The Pact team was competitive, but clearly did not play well today. Highlights of the match are few for Kellison’s team but featured Chaos Theory’s first touchdown at the end of the first half, heading into the second half with both teams tied at one touchdown apiece. Starting the second have with 8 players against 10 did not help the Pact team’s cause. Chaos Theory’s blocking was poor though out the game, causing far too many turnovers.

Chaos Theory was behind on the scoreboard 1-2, and lost the injury ledger 3-4. Clearly improvement is needed. A clearly disgusted coach Kellison said, “It is completely unacceptable to be beaten up by mere thralls. We know what we have to do, we must block better and hit harder.

After disposing of the ruined goblin, coach Kellison was asked about the team’s very high injury toll losing 4 players in the first three games. The coach’s response was, “We are weeding our weaker players. Bloodbowl is a game of survival of the fittest. We will be stronger.”

The team have hired a Troll to bolster the line of scrimmage, and still have three journeymen for their next game. The team brutal schedule continues, entering the cauldron against the more experienced Skaven, Mutinrot Flesh-Cutters.
- Big Pete
Nov. 13th, 2012 - old news
Game 2 - Apogeenaughts
Hori Dodison here with the wrap up of today’s matchup between Chaos Theory and the Apogeenaughts.
Coach Kellison came into the game with an ambitious strategy for the experienced High Elves, bolstering his side with a Troll, Minotaur, Wizard, Apothecary and Bloodweiser Babe.

The Pact team received the opening kick-off and were able to dominate the line of scrimmage, establishing stout cages. The high elves were able to repeatedly extract the ball, converting the turnovers into quick scores. The first half ended with the High Elves leading 2-0 on the score board and the Pact leading 2-0 on the casualty count.

The second half commenced with a pitch invasion, with the fans dealing with 6 Pact players and 5 elves. With too much open space and a plethora of speed, the elves were able to exploit the open spaces for another quick score. The attrition was taking a toll on the High Elves with only nine players starting the latter drives despite a very deep roster. The second half continued in a similar vein with the Pact dominating the physical contest and despite highlights such as a long reception by the Ogre, (all too easily extracted by the Elves for yet another score) and a second pitch invasion for the half, the Pact did have a last minute chance to score, but couldn’t quite get it done.

Although Chaos Theory has yet to score, there are promising signs for Kellison’s warband.Chaos Theory finished behind on the scoreboard 0-4, but won the injury ledger 4-0 for a moral draw.

With a lack of winnings, the coach will need to retain both journeymen for his team’s next match up with the Vampire team, Sylvanian Starlets.
- Big Pete
Tournaments played:
Grimwaagh Open3, Orkleys Cup 3, Assassins Cowl3, Empire Records3
Trophies won:
Most Casualties: Grimwaagh Open3, Orkleys Cup 3, Assassins Cowl3, Empire Records3
Most Fatalities: Orkleys Cup 3, Assassins Cowl3



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