Result of Blood Bowl 3

  Team trophy    Winner Race
& coach
  Major League Winner   Hell's Cout  Necromantic
Andrew V
  Major 2nd place   Grim Reapers Guards  Necromantic
Simon M
  Most Casualties   the infernal comedy  Chaos Pact
  Most Fatalities   Hell's Cout  Necromantic
Andrew V
  Fair play award   Mome Raths  Skaven
  Highest Player Loss   Didditon Oddrugs  Skaven
Peter M

  Player prize    Winner Type
& team
  Top Scorer     Ranger "Slasher" Bounty (190000 gp) Werewolf
Hell's Cout
  Top Thrower     Hirkas Copperhand  Dwarf Runner
Crimson Breweries
  Top Hitter     Torj Bounty (20000 gp) Marauder
the infernal comedy
  Top Killer     Zuul  Werewolf
Hell's Cout

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Origins Season 1

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