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The New World, round 2
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The Crows

gate: 9 000
1 TD score 1
cas score
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The Dogs Cleaning Collective


TD Scorers
Dad Dog
Foulers (no cas)
Sent off

Mr Blue
Badly Hurt'ers
Nice Dog
Bright Dog
Completions by
Far Dog
TTM Completions by
Interceptions by
Deflections by

Mr Red
MVP awards to
Day Dog
Sustained Injuries

Merlin dead
Wolfman dead
Result added April 24th, 2021

Match notes
The Dogs Cleaning Collective (Orks) vrs The Crows (Khemri) in the pouring rain (for the whole game) was always going to be a tough low scoring match. The ball was like a greasy pig, the pitch was a quagmire (which got progressively worst with encroaching moles tearing it up. Some strong play by both teams (both teams scoring against the drive), but ultimately the weather was the final winner of the day.

Both teams ended the match with a ceremonial reburial of dead skeletons on the touch down line - either that or we just lost them to the swamp of the pitch!!!

Origins Season 3 Winner
Origins Season 2
Origins Season 1

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