Grim Reapers Guards

Race:  Necromantic
Coach:  Simon M
The undead and creatures of legends, Ghouls & Werewolves have united behind the most fearsome creature of all, The Grim Reaper.

With the promise of immortality they step onto the blood bowl pitch to earn fame, glory and souls of the dead for their coach

The Grim Reaper is the most feared creature in the Old World now he wants to be the most famous as well.

Grim Reapers Guards team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 22nd, 2018 - old news
The GRG have finally won the Majors GF.

After many seasons of making the GF only to have been beaten and settle for second place.

The GRG now join the illustrious ranks of those few teams that have won the Rookies, Minors and Majors.
- Simon M
Dec. 19th, 2011 - old news
Grinning Grim Reapers Take the Trophy
With the grand final game played the Grim Reapers Guards have come out Victorious over the Davi Grontis. The Grim reapers Guards were lucky to win the SF vs the Devious Shadowmasters. Nuffle has seemed to intercede on th GRG's behalf in both game cursing the opponents dice at critical times.
- Simon M
July 29th, 2010 - old news
Grim Reapers Guards Season Start
The Grim Reapers Guards Kick off the season in style. A 4-2 win over Blackwater.

The Blackwater were taken by suprise as the Undead and half dead shambled onto the field before picking up their pace and trying to tear the little Flings limb from limb. There were no body parts flying but the were a lot of 1/2Flings flying. Into the Cas box and toward the endzone with the assist of a treeman or two.

The result was the Grim Reapers Guards Will have a few more skills to face their next match. They are ready and willing to play anyone... dead or alive!!
- Simon M
Tournaments played:
Grimwaagh Open, Orkleys Cup II, Blood Bowl 2, Spike Trophy 3, Dungeon Bowl 3, Chaos Cup 3, Blood Bowl 3, Spike Trophy 4, Dungeon Bowl 4, Legends CC 4
Trophies won:
Major League Winner: Legends CC 4
Major 2nd place: Blood Bowl 2, Spike Trophy 3, Dungeon Bowl 3, Blood Bowl 3, Dungeon Bowl 4
Minor League Winner: Orkleys Cup II
Most Casualties: Blood Bowl 2
Most Fatalities: Dungeon Bowl 4
Most TDīs: Legends CC 4







3rd reroll is Chaos Cup trophy reroll

Origins Season 3 Winner
Origins Season 2
Origins Season 1

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